Bunch Evil Eye Keychain Horseshoes

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  • Glass
  • Handmade Glass by local artist
  • 3000 years old belief “evil eye absorbs the negative energy”
  • Good Luck Charm, Against Evil Eye
  • Protect yourself and the beloved ones
  • Because Each Evil Eye is uniquely handmade so it may vary slightly in appearance

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Product Description

Bunch of Good Luck Evil Eye Beads Keychain Decorative Silver Plated Greek -Turkish (Horseshoes)

We find this figure in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies. This common tradition finds a new identity in the 3000 years old glass craftsmanship of Anatolia. A glass master combines the power of the eye figure with the power of the fire and creates a new talisman: THE EVIL EYE BEAD.


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