Turkish Velvet Towel Happy Bath Emoji

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  • cotton
  • Made in Turkey
  • Super-absorbent genuine Turkish towel cotton
  • All natural, anti-bacterial, machine washable
  • Velvet towel inside and outside, Non slippery EVA bottom
  • Absorbs 20 percent of its own weight in water
  • Ebsem lightweight velvet weave slippers is widely used in 5-star luxury hotels and spas

Product Description

Turkish Velvet Towel Happy Bath Emoji Home, Spa, Bath Slippers 100% cotton

They are super-absorbent pure cotton due to their extra-long fibers. Using long fiber cotton means fewer joins which results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. Because of this unique material, Turkish towels are known to become even softer, fluffier and more absorbent (320-330 grams per square meter).

They dry out completely in a short amount of time so they have no mildew-smell. All natural, non-slippery, anti-bacterial healthy choice to relax more after your bath. Soft-cushioned foot bed allows our slippers to mold your feet and make them forget how tired the day was!

Absolutely a bath routine must-have! Treat yourself with the amazing relief these luxury slippers provide.


10 US / 40-41 EU, 5 US / 35-36 EU, 8 US / 38-39 EU, 8.5 US / 39 EU


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